Umortgage unveils its influencer marketing strategy

In June, the Philadelphia-based home-lender welcomed three high-profile TikTok influencers – Nate Fain, Arielle Best and Rebecca Richardson – as part of its expansion strategy and for greater marketing pressure to bolster its LO portfolio. . In line with the new hires, UMortgage has also launched Homeowner HQ, a virtual branch dedicated to educating potential and existing homeowners across the country.

“We approached Arielle, Nate and Rebecca, not for their social following, but for their passion for educating potential buyers on all the nuances of the mortgage process,” UMortgage said. Mortgage Professional America in an exclusive interview. “Our vision as a company is to educate consumers and people across the country on all aspects of home ownership.

“This focus on empowering others through education resonates with a very specific group of people in the industry, and Rebecca, Nate and Arielle fit into this group. They use social media to increase accessibility to their educational efforts, which aligns with our vision to create life-changing opportunity through home ownership.”

The trio joined UMortgage after developing a large following on social media. Fain, also known as @themortgagecreator on TikTok, has used his 10 years of experience as an LO and his unique personality to grow his audience to nearly 250,000 subscribers and more than two million likes on the platform.

“For about a year, Arielle, Rebecca and I kind of joked that we should be a team,” he said. “We all have different personalities, but we share the same vision. I think that’s the mark of a great team. Our primary goal is to educate and empower the public so they can make an informed decision when obtaining a mortgage.