The best manufacturing marketing agency Idea Marketing Group has new talent and new business strategies to succeed in 2022

Anesa Kratovac, new SEO + content specialist

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Chicago’s Leading Manufacturer Website Design and Marketing Agency Hires New SEO + Content Specialist, Strengthens Partnerships as Part of Growth Strategy

Many brands tend to want to be the hero of their customer journeys and speak for themselves in most of their messaging. The best brands do it differently”

— Anesa Kratovac

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, Jan. 25, 2022 / — Idea Marketing Group, a leading web design and marketing expert, entered the new year with a comprehensive growth strategy. Through a combination of new strategies, they continue to line up as Chicago’s top web design and digital marketing agency for makers.

“Idea Marketing Group has some of the best talent in digital marketing and custom web design with unique experience in manufacturing marketing strategy. We are implementing plans to grow our client base and offer the best marketing services of Manufacturing – Darren Fox, President and CEO of Idea Marketing Group.

Here’s what the Chicago Marketing Agency recently rolled out:

New industry focus

As one of the leading experts in manufacturing web design and marketing services, Idea is looking to double down on its efforts in the industry and expand its influence and client base.

Idea has worked with some of the most notable names in the manufacturing industry including Carmex, Mirwec Coating, Raptor Tech, NAI Group, Inplex, and more. The agency recently launched its new manufacturing website division to display available marketing and web design services and showcase marketing case studies and past web design projects for manufacturers.

“By demonstrating to clients our level of expertise in the manufacturing industry, we believe potential clients will feel confident choosing our agency for their web design and marketing projects. The new additions to the portfolio solidify our position as one of the best manufacturing web design services available. – Wyatt Meese, digital marketer.

Idea continues to shift its strategy to focus its growth efforts within the manufacturing industry on creating relevant content. As part of the new change, the podcast he currently sponsors, Pitcher This! podcast, will begin featuring an expanded series focused on successful leaders and business strategies in the manufacturing space. Previous Pitcher This! podcast guests include Aimy Steadman with Beatbox Beverages (which landed one of Mark Cuban’s biggest SharkTank deals), Sara Moll with Vin Social, and Tom Halaska with Wellbeing Brewing.

Idea hires SEO and content development specialist

Part of the new growth strategy targeting the manufacturing industry includes the recent hire of Anesa Kratovac, SEO and content strategist.

Anesa has developed extensive writing experience that has been used in fundraising, grant writing and communications work across all sectors and has helped nonprofits, social enterprises and small businesses with the writing websites, communications, promotional materials and email marketing as a freelancer for a handful of years. Over the past few years, she specialized directly in SEO content analysis and optimization, during which she managed SEO content and mentored writers at an SEO marketing agency.

“Many brands tend to want to be the hero of their customer journeys and speak for themselves in most of their messaging. The best brands do it differently – they understand that audiences are selfishly motivated and embrace the ‘guide’ approach to talking about their customers’ problems. They understand that their potential customers want to be seen, heard, and convinced that their brand is the right solution to help them overcome their internal challenges.” – Anesa Kratovac, SEO Specialist and content marketing.

With the addition of Anesa’s skills and knowledge, Idea will provide its clients with high-level content and SEO strategy to improve business performance. His unique background and professional experience will add value to Idea Marketing Group’s recently updated SEO and content marketing plans.

A business strategy based on expertise and strategic partnerships

In 2022, Idea Marketing Group will continue its mission to offer the best digital marketing and custom website design services. To continue to strengthen long-term growth strategies in 2022, Idea will partner with industry-leading software to deliver industry-leading services.

These strategic partnerships include expert ADA compliance services for websites, lead capture technology, customer journey analysis, website support and hosting, PPC and paid advertising campaigns, and more. Moreover.

“In 2022, our agency will leverage some of the best technology and software available to give our clients every advantage in today’s competitive marketing landscape. We deliver results through a well-rounded strategy based on high-value content. and leading digital marketing software.-Darren Fox

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