1. General

By placing an order with Daynes Promotions, you accept all the below information listed in our terms of service.

We update our terms of service rarely but reserve the right to change these terms of service at any time. You are expected to read all terms of service before placing any order to insure you are up to date with any changes or any future changes.

2. Service

Daynes Promotions offers Soundcloud and Spotify promotion.

Soundcloud Promotion – We promote your Soundcloud track/s by sending out an email blast to music listeners. Your track image, description and URL link will be used. The listeners/subscribers of the list have been acquired from partnerships with music blogs. We will not disclose any information on the music blogs we have worked with, respecting their privacy concerns.

Spotify Promotion – We promote your Spotify track/s using Spotify Playlist Placement.  Your track/s will be placed in playlists best matching the sound/genre of the track/s submitted. The followers of these playlists have been acquired from influencer marketing on social media platforms: Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. We will not disclose any information on ad deals made with individuals/influencers, respecting their privacy concerns.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are confident in our teams approach to promoting your music.

Soundcloud and Spotify – If we don’t begin your Spotify or Soundcloud promotion within 24 hours of purchasing you are entitled to a full refund, no questions asked.

Soundcloud – If Daynes Promotions don’t deliver the minimum plays of 15,000 within 90 hours after purchase, you are entitled to a full refund, no questions asked.

Spotify – If Daynes Promotion don’t deliver the minimum streams of 3,000 within a week of playlist placement, you are entitled to a full refund, no questions asked.

Privacy Policy

This policy covers how we use your personal information. We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information.

Any personal information received will only be used to complete your promotion. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone. All information is encrypted and deleted after the promotion has been fully completed.

All forms including track name, artist name, email, track image, track description and the URL will never be distributed to anyone outside of Daynes Promotions.