Start PR and YouTubers team up to launch marketing agency and channel

Local PR agency Start PR has teamed up with three YouTube influencers Jon Jon, Bread Poon and Will Lin to launch a local YouTube agency and marketing channel with a valuation of over $1 million. Meanwhile, the new YouTube channel “Very Surprise” has joined The Bees Group, a marketing services group.

Active online for five years, the three influencers have decided to create a new YouTube channel “Very Surprise” leaving the old company. The channel has already attracted 70,000 subscribers in just six months.

Impressed by the outstanding achievements, Start PR entered into a funding agreement with “Very Surprise” and wished to establish Hong Kong’s first YouTube marketing company and channel with a valuation of over 1 million, providing entertainment for Hong Kongers and YouTube marketing solutions for business. sectors at a time. “Very Surprise” then officially joined The Bees Group.

Operated by a group of internet influencers – Jon, Poon, Lin and their former colleagues, “Very Surprise” aims to regularly entertain audiences by producing knowledgeable variety shows, short films, daily videos and live broadcasts. , according to the press release.

Great support was obtained just during the initial phase of the channel, where celebrities were introduced as guests, such as C AllStar, Jason Chan Pak Yu, Terence Siu fay, Stephanie Cheng Yung, One Promise, Corrupt the Youth, etc., while famous brands such as HK Express, Deliveroo, Yahoo, Oronamin C Drink, Tesla, Red Cross, Sushi express, etc. also participated in the cooperation with the channel. “Very Suprise” also participated in television commercials and production.

‘Very Surprise’ will implement ‘crazy benefits’ like other The Bees Group subsidiaries do, including the ‘3-3-4’ incentive plan, rewarding employees by sharing 40% of company profits. company ; “two-day birthday leave”, “unlimited subsidies for the purchase of books, cinema and theater tickets” and “paid meals without overtime limit”, etc., to promote a caring work environment and raise awareness of fair labor compensation, especially in the YouTube industry, where talent is a vital and valuable resource.

As the backbone of STAKK, an early online video company, the three set a precedent for the online video industry and started to be involved in YouTube channels after transferring to another company. After the resignation, they kept their activity in various media, including Asia Momentum Media (AMM), Universal Music Hong Kong, Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG), in commercial shooting and compering. With rich experience in creating, designing, directing and filming content, they professionally produce their own video shows and tailor-made commercials for clients.

Unlike traditional PR agencies which must adopt long-term contracts and bundled services, Start PR’s clients do not need to bind themselves to long-term contracts, which greatly reduces the cost of public relations. Additionally, to further reduce coordination costs and create the lowest threshold of a la carte PR service, all projects are clearly priced and billed based on KPIs. Emphasizing “no gain, no cost” PR solutions and refusing to charge up front for unsuccessful projects or consulting fees, Start PR, in its early days, quickly gained support from SMEs, including international technology companies and multinational start-ups.

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