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Daynes Promotions offers Spotify Promotion like no other. We have a combined following of over 200,000 listeners on our genre specific Spotify Playlists. Covering Pop, EDM & Hip-Hop, your track will be promoted to people interested in the same genre as your song.

200,000+ Followers. Your music will be played by thousands of listeners inside the Daynes Promotions playlist.

Specific Targeting. We precisely promote your music to people interested in the same genre as your song.

Popular Genres. Your track will be promoted to one of the three most popular genres on Spotify.

How Important Is Promotion In The Music Industry?

Spotify promotion is essential to grow your brand and attract an audience. You can have an outstanding song but if no one can find it then you will not gain the exposure you truly deserve. Major Record labels spend thousands on marketing for their artists. We help smaller artists grow their music by using better techniques at a cheaper price. Our experts have many years of experience inside of this industry and you can count on us to grow your Spotify.

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Outstanding Results
You will not be disappointed in purchasing our service with estimations of 3,000 – 6,000 streams per week.
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Premium Marketing
We offer a service like no other. Your track is specifically promoted to people interested in the same genre as your track.
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Great Price
£49 per week for 100% Organic Spotify promotion makes our service affordable and the greatest value for money.
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Fast Support
Need fast Support? Our team will always respond to any questions you might have within a 24 hour period.
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Money Back Guarantee
If your track does not gain at least 3,000 plays in a week, you’re available to a full refund no questions asked.
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Guaranteed Results
You will not be disappointed with our service. Guaranteed to boost your statistics (streams and followers).

Spotify Playlist Placement - £49 a Week

Time to grow your Spotify! Submit the track you would like promotion for. A member of our team will review the track within 24 hours and you will receive a response to whether the track has been accepted or not. (the most common reason a track is not accepted is because the mixing/mastering doesn’t meet the minimum standard).

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