SearchEye offers unbundled digital marketing products for clients and agencies worldwide

Chris Porteous, CEO of SearchEye, explains that “the world of SEO is fascinating, but the offerings are simply shocking. The industry has so much potential, but only a fraction of it has been realized. Turnover rates are high, but net promoter scores are low. All it takes is someone to challenge current products by injecting sophistication and innovation into their offerings to turn them into a money-making machine.

That’s not to say the SEO industry isn’t huge. It’s currently valued at $80 billion a year, but as SearchEye’s CEO puts it, it’s “woefully insufficient” and SearchEye was launched to fill that gap.

“At the end of the day, it’s really about meeting end-user product expectations. If we can accelerate turnaround times (TATs) while keeping prices low and overall product quality consistent , there is very little reason to switch to another provider,” and while competition in the SEO industry is extremely strong, it is also extremely fragmented. excellent products in one place.

A complete SEO provider with customization

No two companies need the same SEO strategy, and SearchEye knows it. That’s why they created the ultimate tool that works for every business. They have the science of SEO down to a T, and their platform is easy to use, and best of all, it’s transparent.

Many SEO agencies in the industry are shady. Their tactics include keyword stuffing, linking into articles, or creating content that tricks search engines into ranking their site on the first page.

“The main way we launched is to dogfood our own product and use it to meet the needs of our own customers. The key has been to be ruthless by using our own platform as often as possible for the execution. That way we find bugs, fix things and improve,” says the CEO.

Christian Thurston, the COO of SearchEye, details their processes, citing that they were able to take their existing customer base and transition from an agency to a platform. Their experience in the field has given them an edge over their competitors, who are few and far between.

“You can think of us as a marketplace for SEO-related services. You can link and order content with just a few clicks. It’s as easy and fast as any e-commerce ordering experience you find,” says Thurston. “This approach allows customers to have as much or as little interaction as they want.

Using SearchEye is child’s play

If you’ve ever used an e-commerce service to purchase products, you’ll understand how to navigate SearchEye. You find what you want, enter your orders and checkout. It’s so simple. One of the key technologies of SearchEye is that its algorithms take into account the type of services their customers have purchased in the past and offer them suggestions to optimize their growth.

SearchEye is not just another SEO agency, they are becoming the most reputable and quality link building management tool along with other business growth services all nicely packaged on one platform. The first all-tech SEO services company.

Instead of having to scour the net or browse forums to find the best agents, they offer everything in one place and clients really don’t have to look anywhere else.

“When you offer the most competitive prices, with the fastest turnaround times and high win rates, you’ve essentially created a winner, and that’s what SearchEye does for everyone. We guarantee quality at the best value for money, so there is no doubt what we can do for our customers,” adds Porteous.

SearchEye is trustworthy and customers only have to pay for successful placements. They also include examples from previous posts to improve their customers’ experience of using SearchEye.

The platform is an innovation that seems like the next logical step for the SEO industry and even the founders themselves were surprised that no one had built it before them. SEO agencies are very outdated and an upgrade was overdue until SearchEye came along. As one satisfied client put it, “Agencies will be adopting SearchEye’s practices in two or three years and everyone will be wondering why traditional SEO agencies have lasted so long. It’s the future. It’s efficient, it’s convenient and it’s reliable.