Preston marketing agency is planting 1,000 trees this year

One Tree Planted and Soap Media have joined forces

A digital marketing agency has partnered with an organization and planted 1,000 trees to celebrate new business wins.


Soap Media partnered with One Tree Planted after setting a goal to reduce its carbon footprint.

Soap Media will plant 100 trees for each new customer, in places where deforestation is rampant. This year, the company won 10 new customers and planted 1,000 trees.

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Additionally, the agency will work closely with One Tree Planted to understand exactly where their donations will be most valuable, ensuring that help and support is delivered to areas that need it most.

Not only does this partnership support reforestation efforts and raise awareness of the importance of ecosystem restoration, but it also gives Soap Media clients the opportunity to get involved in improving the planet and its people, without having to get directly involved.

Ashley Lamontagne, Forestry Campaign Manager at One Tree Planted, said, “We appreciate the support from Soap Media and all the great work we will be able to accomplish through this partnership. Thanks to this initiative, we will be able to plant more trees and continue our goal of global reforestation”

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Commenting on the partnership, Soap Media CEO and Co-Founder Markerle Davis said, “Taking action to improve our carbon footprint is something we are extremely passionate about. Although we have always had environmental initiatives in place, we want to start taking further steps to focus more on the environment and society.

“Being able to work with a non-profit organization like One Tree Planted and have the ability to support community members facing environmental destruction is a great first step.

“Taking advantage of a period of unprecedented growth, we aim to plant as many trees as possible this year. We are already looking forward to seeing the environmental and social impacts this partnership will have on the communities that need our help.

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