Inside Brahmastra Marketing Strategy – An ‘astraverse’ of tactics

Bollywood’s most anticipated film, Brahmastra hit the screens last week. At the heart of its marketing strategy were the real-life couple Ranbir-Alia and the film’s music album.

Brahmastra, a movie that took over 5 years to hit theaters, has finally arrived. Besides the blockbuster’s planned release, fans were eagerly awaiting Ranbir Kapoor’s return to the big screen with the real-life couple. Ranbir and A.k.a real life chemistry. Manufacturers have included all of these factors and more to create an extensive marketing strategy.

Brahmastra Marketing Strategy

Sky-High Logo Reveal

Since the film has been in the works for years before its release, the makers have unveiled the name of the film and the names of the characters in a unique way. On the eve of Mahashivratri 2019, the star cast and director of the film lit up the sky of Pryagraj during the Kumb Mela event with drones to form the name of the film.

The takeover of Kesariya and RAlia

During the making of this film, the real-life couple created a national whirlwind and the anticipation of watching them on screen became more relevant. Tapping into this fan love for the couple, Ayan Mukherji – director of the film dropped a snippet of the love song ‘Kesariya’ which looked at Ranbir & Alia as a gift for the couple’s nuptials.

This short snippet not only created a buzz within RAlia shippers, but the whole nation was hooked on it and it quickly became “THE” song for Bollywood lovers. From the reels to the covers, this short teaser did its charm and helped generate hype for the film which, in turn, helped the creators gain attention.

Shortly after the teaser, the full song dropped and fans weren’t the happiest with the lyrics. As the internet began to troll the song’s ill-fitting lyrics, the film generated a lot more traction towards it.

From fans to brands, everyone on the internet joined the “Kesariya” trend which played the song from a different angle for the promotion of the movie.

National scope

Right from the start, Brahmastra Marketing Strategy was received by a wider audience. This was not limited to Bollywood as the makers announced that the film would be released in 5 languages ​​including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada and would be distributed by Telugu director SS Rajamouli featuring the dubbed versions in the last four. South Indian languages.

Apart from that, the makers accompanied the Telugu Jr. NTR star to a pre-release event in Hyderabad which helped the movie reach the Southern audience as well.

In contact with the youth of Bombay, the creators joined forces with the “Mood Indigo” festival of IIT Bombay. Where the stars and director interacted with the audience. In addition to talking about the film, the celebrities also unveiled the 52nd edition of the festival to the public.

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Social media interactions

The makers of the film relied heavily on the film’s social media pages to reach audiences as well. Brahmastra’s official Instagram account launched a #FanFocusedFriday event which included fan art and recreations of scenes and songs from the film. This gave creators a shout out and kept audience engagement at its peak.

The makers have collaborated with Book My Show & PVR as official online ticket booking platforms.

Apart from that, the creators have also gathered in Cinepolis cinemas to promote the theatrical experience.

International reach

A collaboration with YouTube India saw the film’s posters and billboards displayed in Times Square and Los Angeles. Following this, a live event was held on Youtube with Ayan, Ranbir & Alia to celebrate Brahmastra’s musical journey where they released the teaser for ‘Dance Ka Bhooth’.

Brand collaborations

From the start, Brahmastra had a very extensive soundtrack and the audience engagement had been tremendous. With this in mind, the creators teamed up with Spotify to create a TVC featuring Alia and Ranbir highlighting the songs from the movie and the benefits of the app.

Finally, as the couple had just married ahead of the film’s release, to promote the film and their on-screen and off-screen chemistry, they sat down with IMDb for an exclusive Burning Questions’ segment answering the film’s favorite performances. other and more.

Brahmastra has been one of Bollywood’s most anticipated films for almost two years now. Brahmastra’s marketing strategy for the film reflected this enthusiasm, as the directors left no stone unturned to maintain the buzz.