In conversation with the young and brilliant digital marketing entrepreneur: Archit Kumar

Archit Kumar is an established name in the country’s digital marketing industry. He is a young entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, founder and CEO of “architdigital”. It is a digital marketing service provider that has acquired a slew of clients including Bollywood celebrities, artists, social media personalities, brands and businesses.

Born on November 1, 1999, Archit Kumar hails from the city of Madhubani in Bihar. Today, his digital marketing agency has expanded across India and clients continue to flock to his doorstep. In a brief chat with him, we talk about his background, the services his company provides, and the future of digital marketing.

How would you describe your journey to becoming one of the youngest and brightest digital marketing experts in the country?

When people see me, they think my journey hasn’t been long enough but in reality, even before “architdigital” was conceptualized, I was working day in and day out in the digital marketing industry. As a student, I had my own academics to manage, but gaining knowledge and developing a skill set that would suit my career in the digital realm also remained my top priority. My career has taught me a lot.

What services does ‘architdigital’ provide?

There is a lot of. They include digital tools and solutions such as search engine optimization, website development, social media management, press releases, brand and product creation, blogging and advertising and marketing. online marketing. I ensured that each service was led by an expert in that particular area.

What do you see as the future of digital marketing in the world?

I think digital marketing is the future. These days you will hardly find a business that does not have an online presence. Having social media handles and websites is now almost a necessity. Digital tools and techniques also help businesses identify qualified leads. In short, digital marketing and online advertising are here to stay.