How To Grow Your Spotify Following

Spotify is the world’s leading Music Streaming Platform and gaining an audience can be rather challenging, especially if you’re a new artist. Uploading creative and original tracks is simply not enough to get your music heard on Spotify. Listed in this article are the best techniques you can use to grow your Spotify following effectively.

how to grow your spotify following

Promoting your tracks using Social Media

Social Media plays a big role in promoting your music. It is essential to grow a following on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for gaining attention to your Spotify. Sharing can be done easier by using the embedded share button on the Spotify app, this will allow you to effectively promote a song, album or playlist to your social media efficiently. When you’re planning on releasing a new single or album, be sure to notify the date of release by posting about it and pinning it to the top of your Social Media. For example, a lot of big artists post their album release date on Twitter and pin to the top so that’s the first post people see when visiting their page.

Creating Playlists

Create playlists which display on your Spotify profile. These are great because you can add songs which are currently trending, this will get more users to follow your playlist. Once you have a good amount of followers stacked up, start adding some of your own tracks to the library. If listeners enjoy what they’re hearing there is a good chance they will check out your other music and become a Spotify follower to your profile. If your playlists grow rapidly so will your tracks, so it’s important to try and get as many people as  possible to follow your playlists.


Collaborations are a great way to grow your Spotify page. Reach out to other artists on social media asking if they would like to create a song with you. If you’re a hip-hop producer, send rappers your beats. If they enjoy your beat and use it for a song then you will grow on Spotify when people hear your producer tag. If you make a feature song then you will also be listed on their Spotify page from them tagging you. Thousands of potential listeners from their following will most likely enjoy the track and will check out the other songs you have to offer as an artist. This could also attract music blogs to review your track which will increase your Spotify following.

Spotify Promotion

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