How To Grow Your SoundCloud

With creatives uploading music to Soundcloud everyday, it’s becoming substantially more difficult to get your music heard. You might have the best sounding track or album in place, but that is not enough to build an audience in the realm of music streaming. While sounding good can go a long way, marketing techniques discussed in this article will help attract the listeners your music truly deserves.

how to grow your soundcloud


Track image and description

Soundcloud admires high resolution images and creative descriptions. Try to choose an image for your track with portrays the aesthetic of your sound, either finding an image online, creating your own using tools such as Photoshop or hiring a graphic designer to create a cover photo for your single/album. Buying graphics can be done cheaply using websites such as Fiverr in which you can get one created for around $5. For the description of your track make it short and snappy, no longer than a few lines. Be as creative as possible. You could include the backstory, lyrics, gear lists and credits in your description.

Mood of your audio

What is the mood of your audio? Don’t forget to tag it! Soundcloud uses algorithms that are specific; the right tags can make you discoverable because the platform is built to prioritise recommendations. Another thing to take note of; use several, carefully chosen tags instead of flooding your track with tags which aren’t even about your track. Tags are one of the most helpful factors towards attracting new listeners on the Soundcloud platform and take minimal effort to add to your track.

Social Media

You should be promoting your tracks on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as the bare minimum. All of these social media websites are great for building a following and growing your Soundcloud page. Create a Facebook page for your brand and invite all your friends. Post your newly released Soundcloud music on Twitter by sharing the link to your followers. On Instagram, you could post daily snippets of you producing tracks with captions stating “new music coming soon! follow my Soundcloud” which will keep people engaged with your music and grow your Soundcloud following.


Create a playlist for your album or compilation that shows up on your profile. It’s recommended to create playlists of artist’s track which are currently trending on the Soundcloud platform and adding your own music inside of the playlist. Adding tracks to your playlist from the hottest artists will give users an incentive to follow the playlist and if they enjoy your music which has been added, people will check out your profile and other music.


Collaborations are a great way to grow your Soundcloud page. Reach out to other artists using the Soundcloud message feature or on social media DM’s asking if they would like to do a collaboration on a song. An example: If you’re a Hip-Hop producer, message rappers if they would like to make a song using one of your beats. Not only will you gain attention from releasing the track on your social media but also on the person you’re creating the song with. Thousands of potential listeners from their following could enjoy the track and follow you on Soundcloud as well as your other social media

Soundcloud Promotion

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