Female-Minority Marketing Agency Creates First Louisiana-Based Digital Directory Geaux Black Biz

Kalli Combs, the founder of Social Pal Kal, the social media branding, management and marketing consulting agency, created the first Louisiana-based digital directory Geaux Black Biz.

Louisiana’s first black business website was soft-launched in 2020 by Social Pal Kal and its founder Kalli Combs.

The brand officially entered the pre-launch phase on January 1, 2022. Convinced that the overwhelmingly positive feedback gave her enough information to refine and perfect Geaux Black Biz, Kalli Combs entered 2022 happy, prepared and full of hope. ‘hope.

Geaux Black Biz is a digital directory for connecting and advertising community businesses to their consumers, fostering more accessible and effective networking while boosting visibility for Louisiana-based businesses.

Kalli Combs, the founder of Social Pal Kal which owns Geaux Black Biz, emphasizes that the brand’s mission is “uniting all black businesses in Louisiana through the power of the network, support, and access to the latest digital marketing tools to grow their businesses.”

Since its soft launch in 2020, Geaux Black Biz has been dedicated to promoting the economic growth of all black businesses in the state.

The only requirement companies must meet is to be located in Louisiana, while the benefits of working with Geaux Black Biz are many. Along with increased visibility and increased brand awareness, business owners will gain access to a broader marketing base, benefit from numerous digital advertising opportunities through the brand’s proprietary app, sponsored social media advertising, etc

Combs originally developed a list of local black businesses to fill a need that was missing in his local community. “There was no comprehensive directory for finding black businesses to support, so I thought, I’ll create one!” It started with a local listing of about 400 businesses, but when I noticed there was no state-based directory either, we decided to expand to the whole of State of Louisiana.

“I’m passionate about helping small businesses, especially black businesses, grow by teaching simple yet effective marketing strategies that most don’t know about or don’t have the time to learn.”

Although the application is in the pre-launch phase, business owners can already pre-register by filling out the form on the official Geaux Black Biz website.

More information is available at www.geauxblackbiz.com

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