Digital Marketing as a Key Driver of SME Growth in Africa – Temitayo Oyinyemi, MD, Primeclick

A recent report indicated that advertising spending in Africa is growing with media, with TV, newspapers and digital being the main drivers of this growth. Therefore, as internet penetration continues to increase with the number of internet users, it is expected that there will be more expenses and revenue generated.

In this regard, PrimeClick Media, a digital advertising agency, claims to want to provide knowledge-based resources in anticipation of the continued growth of digital marketing.

In this interview, Temitayo Oyinyemi, Marketing Director, Primeclick Marketing Agency, discusses how digital marketing makes a huge difference in advertising and marketing strategies… Extract

What is PrimeClick Media?

PrimeClick Media is a performance-driven digital advertising agency that helps businesses acquire new customers for growth, using pay-per-click digital advertising to generate quality leads and customers, increasing their KPIs. We are experts in digital advertising, from strategy and planning to execution and reporting. We are your reliable digital advertising partner and we are constantly working to increase your revenue.

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What makes you different from other digital marketing platforms?

We are not a platform, we are simply experts in managing the various digital advertising platforms available, eg Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Programmatic Advertising, etc. Over the years, we’ve been able to deliver quality results to businesses that have sorted out our cutting-edge digital. advertising services. We also have a 100% refund policy, if our advertising services do not generate the agreed results.

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The digital marketing space is growing rapidly. What are the factors responsible for this and what are the benefits?

Currently, the world is going online and more and more organizations are trying to have an online presence. Digital marketing has really made a huge difference in the field of advertising and marketing strategies. Digital marketing is highly effective, financially feasible, and broader. It uses more powerful techniques to prepare the business and effectively increases the current scale to cutting edge levels that touch each client personally. I can say it adds more customization and personalization to customers, and it’s a win-win game. It also expands job opportunities. The digital marketing industry has seen tremendous growth and revenue that is transforming the world in real time.

How would you tell the difference between digital marketing and affiliate marketing?

Digital marketing is a general term that refers to many strategies used to sell and advertise products on many digital platforms. Digital marketing is the umbrella term for all kinds of online marketing practices. It has several different components, including affiliate marketing. Digital marketing is not just about selling a product or service. It deploys various tactics (free and paid) across all digital channels (brand website ranking, social media, email, etc.) to build a brand by solving genuine customer queries. Affiliate marketing is a specific type of online marketing in which the marketer is paid only based on a pre-agreed percentage of revenue from the product/service sold as a result of activities marketing. Affiliate marketing is a specific form of promotional service, where the more customers you attract, the more profit you earn.

What are the challenges of the digital marketing business?

Digital marketing is a function that continues to innovate, with trends emerging year after year. Like other companies, it comes with several challenges and they include but are not limited to: consumer privacy, which reduces the impact of targeted advertising, fraudulent clicks from bots and malicious actors, and lack of consumer confidence in making purchases online.

How have you been able to experience these challenges?

Reaching the right audience at the right time with relevant content remains a huge challenge for most brands, as the sheer number of digital tools and tactics available in the market can make digital campaigns extremely complicated. These challenges can be met by being innovative and open to change. Once we try to scale as much as possible, running our businesses will be easy.

As a digital marketer, what do you perceive as “the ease of doing business” in Nigeria?

As a digital marketing expert, what I see as the ease of doing business is simply having a good economy where payouts for ads will be hassle-free, power is constant, and security is guarantee.

From a digital marketing perspective, what can be done to accelerate the growth of sectors that are slow to respond?

I think these organizations should embrace the digital way of running a business and also employ more young people as there is immense potential of the internet for the growth of the African economy and digital marketing will be a key driver for the explosive growth of small and medium scales. businesses in Africa.

For those looking to seize the opportunity in digital marketing, what is the way forward?

A good way to get started is to take free online courses, get Google Digital Academy certifications, practice with demo accounts, and then join an agency or brand to get some hands-on experience.