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Bullfrog Digital Marketing Agency & SEO Company believes that web presence is one of the most important factors when it comes to acquiring new leads and new customers.

One of Bullfrog’s most popular services is its “Top-Ranked SEO Service.” Here’s how Charles Grant, co-founder of Bullfrog Digital Marketing Agency, describes the service.

“Our agency approaches SEO from a digital marketing perspective. We not only want you to rank for your most important keywords, we want potential clients to be so impressed with your brand image and industry knowledge that they wouldn’t consider hiring another company or to visit another company. Our top-ranked SEO service is broken down into three steps. We start with on-site SEO, followed by GMB (Google My Business) optimization and end with acquiring trusted backlinks”.

Here’s how Charles Grant describes the first step, on-site SEO.

“On-site SEO is two things, one would be considered content (the copy and photos/videos on a given page of the site) and the other would be considered technical. When we take on a new client, we perform a full audit of their website and decide what needs to be added and what needs to be changed.On the creative side, we add a blog element to all of our client sites.This blog is updated several times a week with original writings related to the client’s industry. This output of original content goes a long way in helping clients rank for certain keywords. On a technical level, we want to make sure that title tags, alt tags and meta descriptions are all optimized to help you rank for the most important keywords in your industry.We also create html/xml sitemaps to make sure search engines can crawl the site correctly.

Next, Grant describes the second step, GMB (Google My Business) optimization.

“GMB is a madly powerful tool when it comes to SEO, and even more powerful when it comes to local SEO. Digital agencies/businesses are one thing, but let’s focus on SEO for the purposes of this article. Whether you own a restaurant, nail salon, spa, gym, or virtually any business with a storefront, I believe GMB is the single most important tool for growing your business and attracting new customers. If your website is properly optimized and you actively create posts, add photos, make offers and get reviews on your Google My Business profile, I guarantee you will start seeing new business. You will start to outrank your competitors when they search for keywords in your area and you will become the company that gets all the search calls and map requests. This is what we do for our customers! We maintain their GMB profiles, constantly post new posts related to their industry and upload original content. Posts link to pages from their websites or older posts from their GMB, creating a positive feedback loop and building authority with search engines.

Below, Grant describes the third and final step of Bullfrog Agency’s SEO service, acquiring trusted backlinks.

“Backlinks, in simple terms, are links from one page on the internet to another. When your website has multiple (trusted) backlinks on the internet, you are essentially showing search engines that your website is trustworthy. and your proof is the fact that other websites post links that lead people to your website.All the content we publish on behalf of our clients is completely original and always related to their industry.This combination of content original and acquiring backlinks goes a long way in ranking their website and getting it seen by potential customers.

Bullfrog Marketing Agency & SEO Company is currently recruiting new clients for its top-ranked SEO service. You can reach them by email or by making an appointment on their website.

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