Blackburn’s digital marketing company welcomes new apprentice

A digital marketing firm in East Lancashire has welcomed its brand new young apprentice.

Joey Tarrant has joined 21Digital’s Blackburn-based Search Academy, the company’s first recruit since opening its doors earlier this year.

Aimed to provide an entry point for people looking for a start in the digital marketing industry in the UK, Search Academy was launched following the agency’s successful apprenticeship programmes.

By working with local colleges, the program has enabled a number of former apprentices to join the team full time.

Joey, 19, from Padiham, will now join the 14-person team at the multi-award-winning lead generation and e-commerce agency based in Blackburn’s Trident Park offices, where he will undergo training and development run by former apprentice-turned-employee Declan Porter.

21Digital’s Managing Director, Sam Fletcher, said, “We’re really excited to have Joey as our first recruit for our Search Academy.

“Our Search Academy is a fresh take on our learning program, but with a particular focus on search engine marketing, both paid and organic practices.

“We came up with the idea following the success of our previous apprenticeship programs, which is how we recruited our digital marketing apprentice, Sarah Chan, and our paid research manager, Declan Porter, who has since completed his apprenticeship to become a full member of our research team.

“Search marketing is one of our three main pillars here at 21Digital, and we have a long history of exceptional success for our clients, many of whom have enjoyed triple-digit percentile increases in online sales after working with us.

“We are now looking for the next generation of budding search specialists to join our growing team and learn the skills of the trade through our Search Academy.

“No formal qualifications are required, and all applicants will be selected through interview, where we are simply looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals who want to pursue a career in digital marketing.”

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