Bastion acquires US PR and digital marketing firm IMW Agency

As Bastion aims to build its “new global agency,” Bastion Amplify USA has acquired California-based PR and digital company, IMW Agency.

IMW has been operating in the US market for 15 years and will be merged with Bastion Amplify’s existing US operations. Bastion Amplify now has 35 employees in the United States who provide public relations, social and digital services to its clients, in addition to Bastion Amplify’s 45 employees in Australia and New Zealand.

Bastion Amplify US will be led by CEO Chris Bretschger, former president of IMW Agency. Former Bastion Amplify USA CEO Shana Starr will assume the role of President of Bastion Amplify. In Australia, Bastion Amplify is run by Richard Chapman.

Bastion Group Founder and CEO Jack Watts said, “It is fantastic to continue our growth in the US market with the acquisition of IMW Agency. We now have over 50 employees across the group in Americas to bring our global total well over 300. We believe we’ve built the agency model for the new world, and we’re incredibly excited to see that continue to gain traction in the United States, the largest market for marketing services in the world.



“For me personally, it is a joy to spend time with our employees and customers in the United States and to walk through a Bastion yellow door in any of our three offices. It truly is the land of opportunity, and we’re seeing continued exponential growth, both organically and through new acquisitions in the US. Watch this place!”

“It is a huge honor to lead such a talented company. When my parents founded IMW decades ago, we strived for growth and impeccable customer service. This evolution continues that mission with a forward-thinking model fully equipped to meet the needs of the modern economy,” said Bretschger, who has held leadership positions for national advertising companies such as Doner Advertising as well as large brands such as Mazda.

Bastion Amplify’s continued growth in the United States and Australia enables Bastion Amplify to offer a unique combination of PR, digital, social and influencer services to clients in both markets, with a particular focus on bringing implementation of Bastion’s “follow the sun” social media model. media community management and influencer engagement to provide holistic social media services to clients 24/7.

The acquisition is intended to put Bastion USA on an imminent trajectory to become the largest independent, full-service marketing agency on America’s West Coast, Bastion USA CEO Dax Cornelius said, “We have executed a strategy disciplined mergers and acquisitions that captures and nurtures synergies. by combining operations that do not compete with each other,” Cornelius said. “The result is a superior client experience, free from in-consultancy shackles or overreliance on third-party outsourcing, which usually comes with price markups.”

Bastion USA is part of Bastion, an independent agency with more than 300 employees working from offices in Los Angeles, Orange County, New York, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. It also holds agency partnerships in 10 Asian markets.

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