3 Top Concerns Surrounding Your B2B Video Marketing Strategy

A robust video marketing strategy can enable better marketing results and generate faster ROI. By seeing how consumer trends and content consumption habits are changing rapidly, brands that apply a strong video marketing process can actually do more while ensuring they stand out from the competition.

Reports suggest that most consumers who watch a video about a product or brand end up buying it.

Videos can be more than just a text email can and can be consumed by your target audience even when they’re on the go, fostering an essence of convenience as well.

But when it comes to optimizing a video marketing strategy, there are still a lot of missteps that are often seen among marketing teams. What are some of them? Let’s look at some of them:

Poor budgeting process

With the need for marketers to ensure they are more performance driven in today’s environment while being less of a cost center, there is a need for better budgeting practices in all marketing initiatives.

For brands to create, reuse, and execute consistent, high-quality video marketing initiatives and campaigns, it’s important to assess and set aside the right budget while also having a process in place to assess the ROI of the global video initiative over a period period of time.

This is where marketing teams need to consistently identify how much to allocate to an annual video creation and video marketing process while tying it to other marketing costs and goals such as new martech investments.

Low-quality videos that don’t display well across multiple devices and networks or those that were built without the right video fundamentals (making a page slow to load, for example) can negatively impact your overall goal. This is where better budgeting standards come in, to help identify the kind of resources and tools needed to build an integrated plan that aligns with other marketing and outreach goals.

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Lack of process and technology optimization

Like most other elements of day-to-day marketing, each area requires constant modernization and upgrading in terms of the processes and technology used. In today’s digital multi-channel business ecosystem, lack of modernization and misuse of the latest video technologies can delay the creative process and overall output, while also affecting the quality of media files.

Learn about the latest tools that can speed up video operations, allocate the right training and know-how to ensure marketing teams can create videos on par with market trends and with less lag while resuming the latest trends in social video are all crucial to optimizing the overall video marketing cycle and process.

Until a few years ago, for example, it was normal for marketers to outsource much of their editing or video creation process. With the range of tools available today, creating high quality videos that easily showcase a product/service or new feature with more impact is much easier than before.

Inability to customize at scale

Alright, so you’ve got a solid video creation process in place, so what? The need for personalization has been the anthem of global B2B marketers and it has already been proven time and time again that improved personalization drives results.

A video marketing strategy that doesn’t support quick edits or personalization of the file when it’s sent to prospects, for example, can affect eventual engagement metrics. This is where marketers need to better identify tools that can help them scale up their personalization efforts here while also identifying new ways to reuse video files for greater impact.


Video is here to stay. With consumers constantly inundated with marketing and sales emails, the need for audio-video experiences is more critical to reduce noise. Many factors come into play when creating a solid video marketing plan. From identifying the type of video content to create to making the best use of these newly created video assets across multiple channels, marketers need to know that the video process can work best for their brand.

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